Me and My Old Fashion


An Old Fashion and New Orleans. Two things I Love dearly. And drinking Old Fashions in New Orleans and Bourbon Old Fashions to be more specific is a favorite pastime of mine, especially at such fine Bars as Napoleon House, The Long Bar at Tujague’s, or at Arnaud’s and Galatoire’s.
The first thing i order from my waiter at my beloved Galatoire’s is a Bourbon Old Fashion. They make them perfectly here, muddling an Orange Slice with sugar, Maraschino Cherry, Soda, and Angostora Bitters before filling the glass with Ice and adding my Bourbon. The waiter brings my Old Fashion and I’m in Heaven. I’m at Galatoire’s in New Orleans. It’s one of my favorite restaurants in the World. I have my drink, sitting in the main dining room looking the menu over. “Oh Bliss.”
    What to have for lunch. Shall I get a Gumbo, Raw Oysters, or Oysters Rockefeller to start? Decisions, Decisions! And my main Course? Trout Almondine, Shrimp Clemenceau, or Filet Mignon topped with Fried Oysters and Hollandaise. Think I’ll go for a Cup of Gumbo, followed by the Oysters Rockefellor, and Trout Almondine for my main. They should go with my Bourbon Old Fashion quite nicely.
    What, “No Wine with Your Meal,” you ask. knowing what a Wine freak I am.
“No, not in New Orleans my friends.” I do not drink Wine in the Cresent City. It’s all pretty much Cocktails when I’m down there, maybe a Beer or two, but no Wine what-so-ever in New Orleans for me. Hey it’s the way to go in New Orleans. That’s what you do down there, Cocktails are preferred throughout the meal over Wine. And that’s fine by me. It just seems to go better. My Bourbon Old Fashion and all the fine Creole Cuisine. I Love it.
So, if you’re ever down there, in that wonderful city on the Mississippi, New Orleans, go to Galatoire’s, Antoine’s, Arnauds’s. Order yourself a nice Lunch or Dinner, and don’t forget to get a couple Bourbon Old Fashions to go with your meal. It’s a match made in Heaven, Creole Food and an Old Fashion in New Orleans, Louisiana. “Do it.”
by Daniel Bellino Zwicke