TRAVEL –             “Yes I’ve done a lot. Traveled the World 3 times over.”

Go to ITALY –       ” Done that! 12 Times!”

Go to VENICE –    “Done that, 5 times.”

Go to Rome –         “Yes, 5 times.”

Go to SICILY –        “Yes.”

Live in NEW YORK –  “Been doing that since 1982.”

Live in Greenwich Village –   “Yes. I lived in the East Village NYC from 1982 to 1994.                                                             Been living in Greenwich Village Since 1994. Dream                                                                 come true.”

Go to College –        “Yes, New York Technical College, Brooklyn, New York”

Go to Culinary School –   “Yes, at NY TECH COLLEGE, Brooklyn, NY.”

Become a Chef  –      “Yes.”

Open My Own Restaurant –  “Done that. I created and opened America’s 1st Ever                                                                Bacaro, which is a Venetian Wine Bar -BAR CICHETTI                                                            in Greenwich Village, NY where I was the Chef /                                                                        Wine Director & Managing Partner.”