World Premier “La Tavola”



Short and Sweet. Yes it’s here. La Tavola has been published. It’s up on Amazon and hopefully at a store near you. A labor of Love. Yes it was. It is. After pretty much writing the bulk of the book in just six-weeks time, it took that many years to finally get it published. After learning about writing a book, learning word, how publishing works, this-and-that, six years later, La Tavola has been published, and I’m an author.

I’m an author. Wow! Can’t believe it. But I am. Finally. A published author. it was a long hard hall, but here I am, an author, as La Tavola has been published by Broadway Fifth Press and is now available for World-Wide sale.

Yes, a labor of love, it tells some of my story, a part of it anyway, the part of the table, food, cooking, get-togethers. Get togethers with my family, friends, whoever. It tells the story of Italian-America and New York and New Jersey Italian-American in particular, much of in Lodi, New Jersey and Greenwich Village, New York, my neighborhood for the past 26 years.

La Tavola tells the story of New York Italian America through food. Is there any other way? Just kidding. We all love food don’t we? And Italian is the best.  Yes La Tavola tells the story of Italian-American New York. Not the whole story of course. Not by any means, but some of the most important parts, the best parts, the ones we love most. Stories of; Sunday Sauce, Meatballs, and Meatball Parm Sandwiches, Sausage & Peppers, Sinatra, Vino, Espresso, The Caffe, The Pork Store, The Pizzeria. And all these places, mostly in and around the great city of New York. Though everything is not in New York. I’ve put in a lot about Italy “The Mother Country” and in one story, the great City of Light manages to slip in. It’s relevant, you’ll see.

Anyway, she’s finally here. La Tavola. I’m proud, and I hope you enjoy.

Thank you, Daniel