It’s almost impossible to speak of Italian-America and Italian-American Food without mentioning Italian-America’s favorite son and most cherished icon of all, one Francis Albert Sinatra, Frank Sinatra, or simply Frank. Frank Sinatra achieved great success in his life, becoming one of the 20th Century’s Greatest Recording Stars, and a Movie Star as well. Frank Sinatra achieved the great American Dream. Well, Frank went way beyond that actually. Most Italian Americans back then, the poor and middle class had upbringings similar to Sinatra’s (lower Middle-class), whose greatest wish was to have a good job and possibly buy ones own home. That was the dream. Frank achieved it, but he had even loftier dreams and aspirations. Dreams of becoming a great and famous recording artist, which he achieved and far surpassed, not only to become one of the top musical artist of his day, but one of the greatest of the century and of all-time.

   And as great as all these achievements were and still are, Frank was much more than that. Frank Sinatra was greatly beloved by his Italian-American brethren in an enormous way. He was and still is “almost God-Like” to his millions of loving and adoring fans. Frank Sinatra was a man who Italian-Americans looked up to, and bragged about as being one of our own, “Our Paesan.” And not only to us (Italian-Americans), but to Americans of all creeds and races, who simply loved and enjoyed the beautiful music the man made.

   Frank Sinatra couldn’t read music, and in the beginning didn’t have much musical training, but his voice, “The Voice” as Sinatra was known, his voice was his instrument and many great musicians who were classically trained and accomplished musicians often stated that Sinatra was a great musician, one of the greatest. For Frank, his wonderful voice was an instrument; an instrument Frank knew how to use to absolute perfection. The man could sing a love song and particularly a Torch Song like no other. Sinatra was the King of Torch Songs. One of the reasons many have said he was so adept at singing these torch songs, songs of lost love, was that when singing them, Frank was always singing about the greatest love of his life, Ava Gardner and the love lost between them.

   Any way, yes Frank’s music was and still is some of the most wonderful of all time. People love and listen to the music, the music of Sinatra. It makes them feel good, and brings back memories of good times, happy times, and even bittersweet feelings of love lost. The music of Frank Sinatra always moves you. I know it does for me. Bravo Frank, “We Salute You,” your memory and your music lives on, today, tomorrow and forever more. We shall cherish and enjoy the music and the man, of one Francis Albert Sinatra. Frank.



SINATRA is excerpted from SUNDAY SAUCE by Daniel Bellino-Zwicke




by Daniel Bellino “Z”