Eggplant Salami and Swimming on Capri


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May 2015

I’ve got to say, Salumeria Capri Rosticceria has some of the best food in all of Capri .. I’ve eaten at a number of restaurants on Capri and the food they make at this little Salumeria is as good as any, and better than many, “I Kid You Not,” it’s that good. I got food from here every day (5 days) I was on Capri on this last trip, and loved everything I got here. The first day I picked up an Arancini (just to hold me over to dinner) and a bottle of water. The Arancini was awesome, so the next day when I was planning on going swimming at the Faraglioni I stopped off here to get another great Arancino. When I got there, I saw some tasty looking Melanzane Parmigiano (Eggplant Parm) and asked Mamma about it. She said she made it, so I asked for a portion along with my Rice Ball. I also picked up a bottle of water and a 1/2 bottle of Aglianco al Benevento (some local wine) to complete my boxed lunch for the beach. I paid then made my way on the 25 minute walk down to the Fragalioni that passed gorgeous homes and hotels on the Via Tagara before heading down the pathway to Da Luigi and the beach at The Fraglioni (with spectacular views along the way). I had a great time at the beach; swimming and enjoying my tasty boxed lunch from Salumeria Capri .. By my this day there I was treated like family. This was a great find that I recommend highly. Don’t miss it!


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This was my Tasty LUNCH from SALUMERIA CAPRI

that I ate at the BEACH at FARAGLIONI …


Italian Mineral Water, and a nice 1/2 bottle of AGLIANICO di BENEVENTTO,

a local wine from East of NAPOLI .. (cost about $12)

I have to say that this was without question one of the Best Most Enjoyable Lunches

I’ve ever had in my entire life .. What could be better but to be on the

Isle of Capri, at one of the most beautiful beach spots in the entire World at the

famed Faraglioni Rocks of Capri ..

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May 2015