Life was a Losing Game




Amy, rest in piece. What a Tragedy to have lost Amy Winehouse. It goes without saying that Amy Winehouse was a phenomenal artist and one of the few Great Musical Artist of her Time, or any time for that matter. She was a special person with an incredibly amazing way of singing and conveying a song with sweetness and melancholy feelings the likes of have not been seen in quite some time.

So Sadly drugs and alcohol abuse got to the immensely talented and troubled Winehouse and took her life as opposed to escaping these forces. Amy wasn’t a lucky one as people such as Keith Richards, Steven Tyler to have done so much drugs that they might have not escaped death but gladly they did. Amy did not and fell victim as a number of other great musical talents such as Jimi Hendrix and Janice Joplin. No sadly Amy WInehouse was unable to escape the destruction of drugs and alcohol and she died at the early age of 27 and every time I listen to one of her wonderful renditions, singing Valerie, Love is a losing Game or other song it makes me a little sad, sad that Amy didn’t make it, sad that she is gone, though her music lives on, still Amy is gone. Rest in Piece dear Amy, the World took you way too soon.

God Bless Your Soul ….