POSITANO ! It’s Almost Here – The Amalfi Coast Cookbook Travel Guide on Amazon for Pre-Sale

POSITANO The AMALFI COAST COOKBOOK – Travel Guide is up on Amazon in it’s 1st stage of Life on Amazon, which is as a Pre-Sale. I’m happy to see the book up on an Amazon sales page up for resale. I’m not really that concerned about doing sales right now, but it’s so good to see the book up on page, so see the cover which I’ve been getting loads of compliments about it. People love it, and I do as well, and I must thank my graphic designer Art in England for that. I’ve been working with him for the past 9 years and he has done amazing work for me, designing 8 beautiful book covers for me. “Thnks Art, much appreciated.”
POSITANO The AMALFI COAST COOKBOOK – Travel Guide, book description on AMAZON.com … CLICK HERE to Go to the PAGE
Positano The Amalfi Coast Cookbook – Travel Guide is like no other book that has been written on Positano, Capri, Naples, and the Amalfi Coast. It’s not just a travel guide, cookbook, or essays on this intriguing part of Italy but a Travel Guide / Cookbook combined with delightful stories of Positano, Capri, Naples, and the whole of the Amalfi Coast. The book is designed to educate, inform, and inspire your preparation for a trip to the Amalfi Coast and its surrounding area, an area that has unmatched beauty anywhere in the world, and one of the primary reasons that millions see a trip to Positano and the Amalfi Coast as the ultimate dream vacation and romantic local for the Ultimate in Honeymoon Paradise. These are the feelings that this one of the most enchanting spots in the Earth has become one of the top vacation destinations of the World, a place to vacation, honeymoon, even to be married in at places like Villa Cimbrone (gorgeous) in Ravell, il San Pietro, le Sirenuse, or Palazzo Murat in Positano, or on the Isle of Capri, it’s all so very pretty and enchanting.
Bestselling Italian Cookbook Author Daniel Bellino Zwicke has crafted this book with stories, recipes, advice, and information on how to prepare for the most memorable vacation trip of your life, whether this is the first, second, third, or 10th time going to this The Devine Coast of Amalfi, the islands of Ischia, Procida, or Capri. Daniel is no newcomer to the area. He made his first trip to Positano, Capri, and the Amalfi Coast of Italy way back in the Summer of 1985, and has been returning ever since. He has gained a wealth of knowledge of Naples, Capri, and The Amalfi Coast, of which he imparts to the readers of this book through the travel guide information, delightful stories that entertain, inform, and inspire. And as Daniel is a bestselling Italian Cookbook author he has included over 100 regional recipes of Naples and the Amalfi Coast. The recipes that he’s gathered (written down) over 35 years, and has put down on paper within the walls of this book, in order for the reader to recreate their most cherished dishes they’ve eaten in Naples, on Capri, at Da Vincenzo or Chez Balck in Positano, or a charming seafood lunch in the small fishing village of Cetara. You will be able to cook the favorite dish you had on the coast. The recipes will educate you on the food of the region, as well as help you re-create memories back home.
So if you’re looking to plan a trip to the Amalfi Coast, cook the food when you’re back home, and to be inspired by the food, the restaurants, hotels, Ancient Roman Ruins, the natural beauty, and warmth of the Italian people, this just might be the book for you. We hope it is, and would love to tag along on this, your Journey of a Lifetime, in Positano, Capri, Naples, and the stunningly gorgeous Amalfi Coast of Southern Italy. “Adiamo” !!!
Note : There are no pictures in this book, just stories, recipes, and a wealth of information. But if you want Beautiful Pictures of Positano & The Amalfi Coast? We have created a Companion Website for this Book with Hundreds of Beautiful Pictures of Postiano, Capri, and the Amalfi Coast @ Positano-Amalfi-Coast.com … Just Google “Positano Amalfi Coast Daniel Bellino”
Screenshot of Amazon Sales Page
So, the Kindle Edition of POSITANO The AMALFI COAST COOKBOOK / Travel Guide is ready for Pre-Sale Now and will be up on on Amazon Kindle on February 11th 2021 …
The Paperback will be Available on Amazon.com the next day on February, 12, 2012 , so it will be available for Valentines Day 2021. Why not get a Copy for your Sweet Heart?


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