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My INSTAGRAM  @danielBellinoZwicke on May 30 MEMORIAL DAY 2017 .. Posted here is a remembrance of the great GREG ALLMAN of The ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND or sadly passed away the other day at the age of 69 … Greg Allman both part of the Country Rock Band The Allman Brothers and as a solo artist was a giant in the world of music. Being married to CHER at one point in his life didn’t hurt his popularity. But apart from that, I have been a huge fan of Greg’s his brother Duane Allman who died much too young (age 27), and their band ; The Allman Brothers … Greg & Duane Allman were pioneers of what would become to be know as Country Rock … The Alman Borthers Band is also a member of The ROCK & ROLL Hall of Fame … Anyway I was fortunate to see the Allman Brothers Band perform live twice, along with having the great pleasure to meet and shake Greg Allman ‘s hand one day when my friends and I were hanging out one night at the former New York souther foods restaurant Jezebel in Hells Kitchen. My Friends and I were having cocktails when we looked up to see none other then Mr. Greg Allman playing Jezebels Baby Grande Piano and sing Sweet Melissa unplugged. Greg also treated us to two more tunes that night and was so gracious as to get up from his table to shake our hands as we walked by his table and I waved to him as a way of saying thanks, Greg jumped up and extended his hand to shake mine. Wow, now that’s a gentleman. We will Miss You Mr. Greg Allman. Thanks for all the great music from; you, your Brother Duane and The Band. We’ll miss you. Daniel .


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Love the Way DUANE is CRACKING UP on The COVER


Also pictured here are pictures taken at my cousin Joe Macari’s vineyard Macari Vineyards in Mattituk, NY on the North Fork of Long Island. Pictured are a Black Pig, FABIO The BULL, some Cow and a Horse, a local Beach, ME, friend James Starace, and cousin Joe Macari, and some Macari Rose.

You see the video of My Cousin Joe Macari pouring us a Barrel Sample of his 2015 Malbec from Barrel … The wine is Friggin Awesome! “I kid you not.” My buddy Jimmy Starace and his wife Tanya went Nuts for it. It was that good. One of the best wines I’ve had all year, if not the best. And I’m not just saying it because Joe is my cousin. Joe, his son Joey, wife Alexandra, daughter Gabriella, and the whole family are very dedicated to make great quality wine. And they do. And I’m not just saying it because Joe is my cousin. If he didn’t make great wine, I just wouldn’t say anything. But with the fact that the Macari’s do make dam good wine, yes I will toot My Horn. Nuff said.

Also pictured is a picture I took at my local Supermarket in Greenwich Village of a jar of RAO’S MARINARA SAUCE and a picture of MARIO BATALI ‘S pasta sauce. I snapped the shot and posted it on Instagram with the Question, RAOS or MARIOS . with the answer of “NEITHER” !!! “I’d rather make My own SUNDAY SAUCE with the recipes in my book Sunday Sauce , WHEN ITALIAN-AMERICANS COOK .. Basta !





Sunday Sauce

by ME !!!

Daniel Bellino-Zwicke

Nuff Said !






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