George Michael Rest in Peace Dear Boy





1963 – 2016


George Michaels music was a large part of my life as a 20s and 30s young man. I was blown away by his music the first time I heard Careless Whispers in the Summer of 1984 .. That song was quite beautiful and incredibly romantic and I just couldn’t get enough of listening to it over and over again. Careless Whispers always reminds me of a certain time in my life, a very happy time full of new experiences in romance with any one of a number of girlfriends as well as life experience of all types (work, relationships, etc..) and a life full of hope and happiness.

I have loved the wonderfully heart felt inspirational music of George Michael from the very beginning and on till now and it saddens me at the sudden tragic loss of this great musical artist George Michael. I didn’t know, just loved his music quite tremendously, so it’s not just another loss of an incredibly talented, but also a wonderful person and human being, which I’m sure George was, as anyone who could music as George Michael did by default would just have to be a wonderful and kind person and great human being.

So farewell dear George, you are missed by many, May You Rest Eternally in Peace and may God Bless You Always.

Daniel Bellino Zwicke

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