Life was a Losing Game




Amy, rest in piece. What a Tragedy to have lost Amy Winehouse. It goes without saying that Amy Winehouse was a phenomenal artist and one of the few Great Musical Artist of her Time, or any time for that matter. She was a special person with an incredibly amazing way of singing and conveying a song with sweetness and melancholy feelings the likes of have not been seen in quite some time.

So Sadly drugs and alcohol abuse got to the immensely talented and troubled Winehouse and took her life as opposed to escaping these forces. Amy wasn’t a lucky one as people such as Keith Richards, Steven Tyler to have done so much drugs that they might have not escaped death but gladly they did. Amy did not and fell victim as a number of other great musical talents such as Jimi Hendrix and Janice Joplin. No sadly Amy WInehouse was unable to escape the destruction of drugs and alcohol and she died at the early age of 27 and every time I listen to one of her wonderful renditions, singing Valerie, Love is a losing Game or other song it makes me a little sad, sad that Amy didn’t make it, sad that she is gone, though her music lives on, still Amy is gone. Rest in Piece dear Amy, the World took you way too soon.

God Bless Your Soul ….



Harry’s Bar Venice Italy

“The World’s Coolest Restaurant”

   The World’s Coolest Restaurant? Why, it’s Harry’s Bar,Venice of course. Without a doubt. There is no contest for any to compete. Well many will beg to differ, but I know better, and better than most. No Brag, Just Fact! Let me tell you why.
If you are in any of the Great Renowned Cities of the World, cities such as; New York, Paris, Rome, Bangkok, Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, wherever. There will in all these cities be a number of restaurants where the In-Crowd, the Jet-Set, Those in The Know, the Movers-and-Shakers of the World will go to. There are usually at least 6 to 12 restaurants for those in the know to go to. For example, if you are in my City, New York and you are one of these people, “Those In the Know,” you might go to any one of these restaurants. right now in the year 2011 these restaurants would be; Minetta Tavern, Bar Pitti, The Waverly Inn, Pastis, Momofuku Ssam, The Standard Grill, John Dory at The Ace Hotel, and at least 6 others. Same goes for LA, London, Paris, Rome, and so-on.
In Venice there are many restaurants, but really just one more or less that “Everyone Who is Anyone” will go when in town. One, that one is “Harry’s Bar.” No other restaurant in the World quite like it. If you are of the Jet Set, The In Crow, those “In-The-Know,” you’ll know one thing for sure, when you go to Harry’s Bar you will be amongst the all of

The “in Crowd” will be there and nowhere else. Well this is a bit of an exaggeration to make a point, but this point is true 85% of the time.

Ernest Hemingway & Friends at Harry’s Bar

And of the place, Harry’s Bar, Venice. And i keep saying Harry’s bar Venice, for it is thee only one, but there are many others around the World with the same name. There is only one Great “Harry’s Bar” and that is Harry’s Bar, Venice at the Vaporetto stop of San Marco.

Yes, and of Harry’s. The restaurant is Wonderful. It has a beautiful casual elegance in the decor. The place is always filled with the “Beautiful People,” the service is great, and the food Fabulous. Though at a price. Harry’s bar is very expensive. For some this is of no consequence, but if it is expensive for you, it is definitely worth a splurge. The place is awesome.

After-All, they invented the “Bellini” Cocktail here. And

Beef Carpaccio as well.

If you go to harry’s Bar, you will Love it. The place is filled with quite a exciting energy. It’s a experience you’ll always remember. So, do remember, The World’s Coolest restaurant, Harry’s Bar, Venice that is.


















Italian Wedding Soup

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The greatest soup ever made! The greatest soup ever made, that’s quite a statement and it’s debatable, and though I’m saying this I know that it may not be, but everyone has their own taste and though I love any number of other wonderful soups like; Vietnamese Pho, Chinese Roast Duck & Wonton, good old American Chicken Noodle Soup and others, if I was forced to pick one as my # 1 very favorite soup of all, it would have to be this, Italian Wedding Soup. So if it’s not the World’s greatest soup of all (Vietnamese Pho maybe) then it is without question one of the greatest anyway. And how can it not be great, made of tasty chicken broth with escarole and the thing that puts it into the greatness category, the little Meatballs? An Italian Soup that has Meatballs in it, what’s not to love? Well, I guess it depends who you ask, but if you ask an Italian-American, guess what? “Italian Wedding Soup is the greatest soup of all!” The combination of fresh homemade chicken broth, with pieces of chicken, escarole and of course those yummy little meatballs that every Italian holds so dear, that’s Italian Wedding Soup, and the first bowl I ever had, wow! I was a little boy and my mom made it for us. “Here Daniel, Italian Wedding Soup, it has little meatballs in it,” Mommy said as she placed the bowl of soup down before me. I couldn’t believe my eyes, little meatballs in soup, what could be more magical to a little boy of I don’t know five? Yes, I remember that first bowl, and I don’t know how many hundreds of bowls of this most pleasing soup I’ve had since then, too many to count, but everyone just as tasty and whimsical as the other. It’s the Meatballs, it’s Italian Wedding Soup and there’s not any soup that’s better. I just love it. How bout you?



Excerpted from MANGIA ITALIANO, set for October 2016 PUBLICATION  ….


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Amalfi Coast Limoncello Recipe




Bottles of Homemade LIMONCELLO



My PAL Vincenzo Manzo at His Lemon Farm VILLA MARIA







  • zest of 6 or 7 large organic lemons
  • 1 litre or quart of pure grain alcohol or vodka
  • 5 cups (1250 ml) water
  • 3 cups (700 gr) sugar

Preparation :

Peel the zest from the lemons with a vegtable peeler and place them into a large glass jar.  Try to avoid the bitter white pith of the lemon skin, under the yellow zest.

Add the alcohol to the jar with the lemon zest.

Cover the glass jar with plastic wrap and store it in a cool place for 7 days

On the sixth day: Boil the water and add the sugar to the boiling water. Stir the sugar until it is fully dissolved in the water. Set the sugar syrup aside to let it cool over night.

On the seventh day: Strain the lemons peels from the alcohol and discard the peels.

Pour the sugar syrup into the glass jar with the alcohol and stir well.

Serve chilled, from the refrigerator or freezer.










Place Lemon Peels in JAR with Grain Alcholo or VODKA



LEMONS   … Agroturismo Villa Maria, Minori

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by Daniel Bellino Z









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When Italian-Americans Cook

Daniel Bellino-Zwicke